SharePoint SIG - InfoPath with SharePoint Code and Slides

by jasonvonruden 17. November 2010 02:49

The recent WI .NET Users Group  - SharePoint Special Interest Group (SharePoint SIG) was a lot of fun yesterday. I spoke about using InfoPath with SharePoint to enhance your users SharePoint experience.

InfoPath allows you to collect and store form data directly in SharePoint and best of all the actual data is stored as xml. Once the form is stored in a SharePoint form library you can expose any of the form’s data as columns on SharePoint views. InfoPath has the ability to on form load get data from web services, dynamically get and send data to web services based on user interaction, display context sensitive help, and finally submit the form directly into SharePoint so that the user does not have to worry about where to save the form. Think of InfoPath as a Microsoft Word template on steroids! My personal favorite InfoPath feature which is missing from Microsoft Word is unlimited repeatable sections.

My source code includes a complete solution consisting of an InfoPath form that receives data from a locally running  web service.